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my life was ruined by a tachibanana angel(◡‿◡✿)

Hi I live for anime and otome games and I make graphics.

Takao to my Midorima
futaba to my kou
nagisa to my rei
rin to my haru

currently watching: ao haru ride; bishoujo senshi sailor moon: crystal; free!: eternal summer; karneval, kyoukai no kanata, haikyuu!!


Hello everyone! 

Ok, so as you know I started working on the knb boyfriend series~! And if you have any suggestion for their reactions, presents, etc etc, please drop me an ask, I REALLY WANT TO SEE SOME SUGGESTIONS!!! (because I’m still out of ideas for some of them/some situations ;-;) So I’d gladly take any suggestions and I would like to see your opinions on it/on the series/project c: 

Thank you~!!!!

Anonymous asked: I love your blog sooo much ~~ Its perf ~~**

omg thank you so much anon-san ;_; <3333~~!!!!!!